Latest Episodes

E63: Nosferatu (The Band) - Part 1
November 13, 2022

This fangtastic episode of GothCast has Dr.Sanders and Mak fighting off hordes of bloodthirsty creatures of the night to cover a band swimming in vampire lore. Nosferatu is one of the most well known

E62: Christian Death - Valor Kand Era Part 2
September 04, 2021

This reunion episode brings back Robbie Gore as the original GothCast duo break down some lesser talked about albums from the Valor Kand era of Christian Death. It's one of the more interesting eras o

E61: Samhain
March 22, 2021

It's time to rock with death again as Dr.Sanders and Cameron tackle Danzig's project after the Misfits and before his solo band Danzig. A much beloved, but sometimes overlooked era with tons of reverb and songs that sometimes sound like they could be the

E60: Skeletal Family
February 25, 2021

 There's no bones about it, Dr.Sanders and Cameron take a trip to visit the family...The Skeletal Family. Specifically the era of the band with singer Anne Marie Hurst. They were "promised" a lot with these records and they hope their efforts aren't

E59: The Exorcist Series [1973, 1977, 1990]
February 12, 2021

On this possession-filled episode, Dr.Sanders and Cameron are visited by three movies that lurk in the shadows. The Exorcist and the two sequels it spawned vary wildly in quality, but just may hold some great surprises for those who decide to venture into

E58: Misfits Part 2 - The Graves Era
January 27, 2021

Dr.Sanders and Cameron take a look at what the Misfits had going on in the 90's and early 2000's. With the addition of singer Michale Graves and a series of new albums, what could possibly go wrong? They look at the albums American Psycho (1997), Evilive

E57: Misfits - The Danzig Era
January 11, 2021

In this fast and frightening episode of GothCast, Dr.Sanders and Cameron take a look at the beginning of Danzig's career as well as the birth of an entire music genre when they put the Misfits under the microscope. Horror punk may not be strictly goth mus

E56: Frankenstein [1931, 1957, 1994]
December 26, 2020

Bryan, Dr.Sanders, and guest star Cameron join together the derelict pieces of their scattered opinions to creature a horrific episode focusing on three different adaptations of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This time we have the 1931 Universal classic Fra

E55: Peter Murphy - Part 2
November 15, 2019

Dr.Sanders and Bryan continue their gaze into Peter Murphy's indigo eyes by covering his albums from the mid 90's to the early 2010's. They will remain Unshattered in their opinions that will never turn to Dust.

E54: Shadow Project [Rozz Williams and Eva O]
September 11, 2019

On this deathrock-filled episode of GothCast, Dr.Sanders and Just Bryan take a look into the Rozz Williams and Eva O project called Shadow Project. It encompassed a large amount of genres, but do their albums still hold up today?