Going Last

Going Last

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Episode 235
April 24, 2018

We're growing snakes, outrunning fireballs and making sure we only get meat - no salad! We also check in on Target exclusives and FLGS exclusives and all the ways to outfit your dungeons! Coming up! Continue reading

Episode 234
April 10, 2018

We return, after seven sennights away, with stories of Mountains of Madness, feeding dice to pigs and weaving tales with electronic tarot. All this and more - coming up! Continue reading

Episode 233
February 20, 2018

We get our hands on kickstarters of the past, while preparing for magical battle and the best RPG accessories! Continue reading

Episode 232
February 06, 2018

… Continue reading

Episode 231
January 30, 2018

Rich wrote a fantastical module for D&D that you can own! Renegades team up with hunters! Mummy's and zombies are chasing everyone! So much action! Coming up! Continue reading

Episode 230
January 23, 2018

Raise your class to game companies continuing to spin out new imprints! Meanwhile, we turn into monsters before heading into Musicland to find our missing socks! Or... something like that. Coming up! Continue reading

Episode 229
January 16, 2018

This episode we wrangle cats and dinosaurs in a variety of forests while trying to not go mad! Continue reading

Episode 228
January 09, 2018

We are in the season of few kickstarters, so we dive deep into board game news! What next for Century? What's last for Scythe? Coming up! Continue reading

Episode 227
December 29, 2017

This episode skirmish games take a random turn, Blade and Samwise team up to make an RPG and two big gaming companies reward good gamesmanship! Coming up! Continue reading