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Stealthing and Stereotypes: Ep 135
May 16, 2022

Some of us might be familiar with the term 'stealthing', but it can have a few different interpretations that can impact how victims understand what has happened. Joining me to discuss this is Alex Bl

Clit Piercings: Ep 134
May 09, 2022

The clitoris is an organ of wonder, and some people also wonder what it's like to get it pierced. Here to explain what its like to actually do this is sex educator Hannah Davis. Find Hannah at @hannah

Sex & Culture in SE Asia: Ep 133
May 02, 2022

South East Asia is a vast place of around 10 different countries, but there are a lot of similiarities to Ireland in how sex is discussed and taught. Joining me to discuss this is Jingjin Liu from zaz

Surviving Sexual Assault: Ep 132
April 18, 2022

Surviving Sexual Assault: Ep 132 Many people many experience sexual assault, and it is important to know that there there is so much help out there for people to reclaim power in their lives. Joining

Government Funded Porn: Ep 131
April 04, 2022

  Imagine if your government paid for public access porn- well, Germany did just that! Joining me to discuss what this looked like is feminist pornographer Paulita Pappel, who directed this film. She

Sex and Cheese Addiction: Ep 130
March 30, 2022

A controversial definition, but we do need to talk about sex addiction. Is it real? What harm does it do? Joining me to discuss this is Silva Neves who works in this area and is the author of of Compu

Sex Work Laws: Ep 129
March 21, 2022

There are different ways to approach the issue of sex work, but which one might be the best way? Joining me to discuss this is sociologist Dr Niina Vuolajarvi, who researches sex work and migration.Sh

Queer Pop Music- Live! Ep 128
March 07, 2022

Joining me for the second live Glow West podcast is PhD candidate David Carroll, who is studying queer pop music in the 80s. David chats to me about how Elvis set the scene for the 80s, how MTV change

South Asia and Sex: Ep 127
February 28, 2022

South Asia might seem on the surface to be quite conversative- but did you know there is a South Asian porn industry, hijab festivals, and thriving queer communities? Joining me to shine a light on th

Lube it up! Ep 126
February 24, 2022

Lube is one of the best inventions in this world - once you use the right one! Joining me to discuss why its so important to use the correct lube that is body safe is co-founder of Hanx lube, Sarah We