Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo

Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo

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GI148: Making Millions Through Multifamily Development with Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola
April 20, 2022

Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola are real estate investors who purchase/syndicate large multifamily properties in the Southeast and develop luxury multifamily condominiums in the Boston market.  Learn Mor

SS70: Handling Tenants When Selling Multifamily Properties
April 16, 2022

Welcome to Strategy Saturday; I’m Charles Carillo and today we’re going to be discussing Handling Tenants When Selling Multifamily Properties. Selling properties with tenants living in them can be a c

GI147: From 4,000 Units to 10 Years in Prison with Michael Morawski
April 13, 2022

Mike Morawski is a 30+ year real estate investment veteran and has controlled over $285 million in real estate transactions. Mike is an entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, public speaker, and p

GI131: Developing Over 5 Million Square Feet of Real Estate with Ari Rastegar
December 22, 2021

Ari Rastegar began his work in real estate investing in 2006 while still in law school and today his real estate investments span 38 cities across 13 states, and include vintage multifamily units, mix

SS53: What is an iBuyer?
December 18, 2021

iBuying is a term used more and more today when describing how owners are choosing to sell their homes for price and also convenience. Charles discusses what an iBuyer is and how it affects residentia

GI130:From a Duplex to Over 400 Units with David Kamara
December 15, 2021

David Kamara has been a real estate investor since buying his first duplex in 2006. Since then, he has transformed the portfolio from residential, single-family and duplex units to focus on larger mul

SS52: Reasons Why I Turn Down Partner Deals
December 11, 2021

Real estate investing is becoming more and more popular. In this episode, Charles discusses common reasons why he declines syndication and joint venture deals.   What do you want to hear/see more of a

GI129: Remote U.S Real Estate Investing from Australia with Alicia Jarrett
December 08, 2021

Alicia Jarrett; a global real estate investor based in Australia. She owns; a land buying company, a real estate marketing firm and a coaching company for real estate investors. Learn More About Alici

SS51: Understanding the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
December 04, 2021

Charles explains what LIBOR is and why it is important to real estate investors.   What do you want to hear/see more of and less of? What question do you always wish I would ask but I never do? Connec