083 President Polk

November 10, 2021

Does President Polk Still Haunt this Earth?

Does President Polk still haunt this earth? The United States’ 11th president was unique as a dark horse candidate that promised to finish his four-point plan and did. But there are also claims of his ghost haunting his tomb after his body was moved twice. Does his spirit live by his grave? Listen and vote!

Questions Explored in this Episode

What was Polk’s childhood like? How did he get involved with politics? What led to him becoming president? What were his four-point goals? Did he achieve his goals as president? How did he die? Where was he first buried? Why was his body moved twice? Where is he buried now? What ghosts have people seen at Polk’s tomb? Is it his spirit?

Print shows James K. Polk, half-length portrait, facing left; includes facsimile signature. Fenderich, Charles, artistDuval, Peter S., 1804 or 1805-1886, printer

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c. 1846–49 daguerreotype of James K. Polk and Sarah Childress Polk[20]

History of President Polk

Pat explores the history of the 11th president. From a childhood with illness to unlikely presidential candidate, Polk led an extraordinary life.

The Debate

Pat and Rebecca debate the paranormal evidence. Visitors claim to see apparitions, including a man in a dark suit and a shadowy figure. There are also pictures of a face that looks like Polk as well as a mysterious beam of light.

Video of evidence:

Tomb of President of the United States James Polk on the capitol grounds in Nashville, Tennessee

Poll Results

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