079 Conwy Castle, Wales

October 06, 2021

Is Conwy Castle Haunted?

Is Conwy Castle Haunted? It’s Haunted Castles month on Ghostly! First up is Conwy Castle in Wales, widely considered one of the most haunted castles in the world. From soldiers to monks, this place is full of ghostly activity. Or is it? Listen and vote!

Questions Explored in this Episode

Where is Conwy Castle? What is the history of Conwy? How was it built? Who built it and who has lived there? What is it like today? Who are the ghost monks that visitors claim to see? What other shadowy figures are seen from the battlements? Why do visitors smell incense when there is none burning? Is Conwy full of paranormal activity?

On closer examination, Denise Tillier spotted what she said appears to be an apparition of a man, walking with a sword in his arms (Image: Denise Tillier)

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Reconstruction of Conwy Castle and town walls at the end of the 13th century. Model located in Conwy Castle. By Hchc2009 – Own work; on permanent public display at Conwy Castle, CC BY-SA 3.0,

History of Conwy Castle

Pat explores the history Conwy Castle. Edward the 1st build this amazing castle and surrounded the entire town with a protective castle wall. Over the years it has fallen into disrepair several times, but eventually it gets refurbished. Over 180,000 people visit each year.

The Debate

Pat and Rebecca debate the paranormal evidence. Visitors claim to see floating monks, soldiers and dark figures in the windows, smell incense (when none is burning), and hear voices. Listen and make your own choice.

Image of Soldier: of Ghost Voice: YouTube (“Conwy Castle Ghosts”):

The Bakehouse Tower with watchtower, guarding the Inner Ward, overlooking the North Wales Coast Line By Nigel Chadwick, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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