Bonus - Roff House Interviews

September 22, 2021

Roff House Interviews

Is Pat a believer now? Listen to our new Bonus Episode to find out! Ghostly was live with Graveside Paranormal at Parapolooza 3 at the Roff House, or Watseka Wonder. The Roff House is the location of one of the first documented possessions in the United States. We interviewed one of our favorite paranormal investigators and tour guides, Jack Chavez, as well as Neal from Graveside Paranormal, and several visitors who experienced something on their tour of the house. Shockingly, one of those stories involves our own skeptic, Pat!

Thank You

Thank you to Graveside Paranormal, Jack Chavez, John Whitman, the Springfield Ghostbusters, and all the amazing guests who shared their stories with us.

Ghostbuster Car with Slimer in the window. Car display by Springfield Ghostbusters IL Photo Credit: Rebecca Rivers

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