077 Bluff City Cemetery with Tony Szabelski at Elgin Fringe Festival

September 15, 2021

Is Bluff City Cemetery Haunted?

Is Bluff City Cemetery haunted? Listen to a Live Ghostly episode! Paranormal investigator and historian Tony Szabelski joined us live at the Blue Box Café in Elgin, IL to talk about Bluff City Cemetery for Elgin Fringe Festival.  Learn about this haunted cemetery and hear the stories of ghosts and shadow people. Pat and Rebecca went on a paranormal investigation here with Hands On Paranormal. Did they see anything?

Questions Explored in this Episode

How old is Bluff City Cemetery? What is its connection to Channing Elementary School? What is the story of the First White Child grave? Have ghosts and shadow people been seen during investigations of the cemetery? What did Rebecca and Pat see on their tour? Did the live audience think its haunted?

Images Discussed in the Episode

Listener Mail

This week’s listener mail is a live story from an employee at the Blue Box Café where we performed the live show. It seems one of the ghosts from Bluff City lives in the basement here. Have a spooky story or question of your own (or someone you know)? Send your story or question to and we might read it on the podcast. You could be on a future episode of Ghostly!

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Bluff City Cemetery Elbert H. Welch First White Child Born in Kane County 1834-1904 Photo Credit: Rebecca Rivers

History of Bluff City Cemetery

Pat explores the history of Bluff City Cemetery with help from Tony. Bodies were transferred to Bluff City from Channing Elementary School. Or were they? This large cemetery houses some of the most notable Elgin residents, including James T. Gifford, Daniel Broadnax Sr. and Eliza Ann Hadwen Lovell. Want to learn more about the cemetery history? Check on the Elgin History Museum’s Cemetery Walk.

The Debate

Rebecca and Pat debate the ghost stories told about Bluff City, including their own experiences! From a spirit box calling out a gassy tour guest to a shadow figure image and the scent of lavender, it’s up to you to decide if it’s haunted or not.

Bluff City Cemetery Photo Credit: Rebecca Rivers

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