GETUDIGITAL podcast with Samantha Alford

GETUDIGITAL podcast with Samantha Alford

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005: An Infusionsoft legend, Greg Jenkins shares some exciting news about his new venture
August 14, 2015

Greg Jenkins is a legend in Infusionsoft circles and passionate about small business.  He has overseen the creation and delivery of some of the company's best training programs.  And now he has branched out on his own and is offering his...

004: Lamar Tyler and his wife Ronnie built a 7 figure business with passion - and Infusionsoft
July 10, 2015

Lamar Tyler and his wife Ronnie are changing how the world sees Black Marriage. Unhappy with the way that mainstream media portrays African American families and relationships, Lamar created an alternative community that showcases and supports happy,...

003: How to grow your business with lost customers - and an exciting announcement with Lisa Macqueen
June 25, 2015

In this awesome interview, Lisa Macqueen shares how she helped grow her husband's cleaning business with marketing automation and Infusionsoft - and the one campaign that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue that would...

002: How Brian Young turned his business around and made $70,000 in one day from one email.
June 20, 2015

Brian Young is the founder and owner of Home Painters Toronto, a full-service home painting company. Brian started his business by cold calling and going door-to-door as a one-man army. But the digital age and a cultural shift away from...

001: How Jermaine Griggs turned $70 into a multimillion dollar business using Infusionsoft
June 20, 2015

Jermaine started at the age of 17 with $70 and turned it into a 7 figure business.  But sales started to decline and he felt like he was stuck. Profit was good but he could see things slowing down and he started searching for...