Get Nerdy With It

Get Nerdy With It

Episode 38 - Alexander Komarov

May 07, 2014

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson, Guest: Alexander Komarov

On Episode 38, we celebrated our one year GNWI anniversary with guest, Alexander Komarov.

Alex is the CoFounder of and a Product Designer on the Just.Me team. We chatted with Alex about the many apps in which he had a big part in creating, such as the latest one called  “Chat Center,” a universal messaging app with which we are very impressed! Chat Center is in beta, but if you’d like to test it out, visit Alex can be reached at on Chat Center (and if you want to say hi to Jennifer from GNWI on Chat Center, visit We also talked with Alex about his other apps, such as the featured app in the Mac App Store called World Clock, and iOS apps such as Timing, Accordeon, Heavy Pipe, Chance, Kauai Beach Guide, and more.

In addition, we discussed the following news stories:


Pick of the Week - where the guest and GNWI team discuss their weekly “picks” of what app, extension, or service they want to share.


Be sure to follow Alex on Twitter at and Chat Center at!

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