Get Over It! Podcast

Get Over It! Podcast

The Occult I Ching Deciphered

February 13, 2020

Maja D' Aoust is back talking to us about her new book The Occult I Ching: The Secrets Language of Serpents.

One of the oldest books in the world, the I Ching has been used in China for millennia to open dialogue with divinity, gain insight and wisdom, and pull aside the curtain of reality to reveal the light of the heavens.

In this illustrated book, The Occult I Ching Maja D'Aoust applies her significant experience as a professional practitioner and scholar of the I Ching to provide a history of the oracle, explain the mechanisms at work behind it, and offer a new experiential approach to its interpretation.

Maja begins by examining the discovery of The Occult Ching by the first mythical emperor of China, Fu Xi, a divine being with the body of a serpent. She reveals how Fu Xi eight original trigrams, also called the Ba Gua, provided a sacred language of symbols that allowed for communication between the diviner and the spirit world.

Using the I Ching principles of cosmology as a basis, the shamans of ancient China developed the earliest Taoist philosophies of nature, medicine, martial arts, and mathematics as well as ecstatic practices, war strategies, birth and death rituals, agricultural systems of biology and human DNA, examining the correlation between the serpent's tail and the double helix. She reveals how the ways of the oracle connect with your own inner knowing parallel the ways in which DNA repairs itself.

We talk about

Explanation of what the I Ching How synchronicity and the I Ching interactThe energy of Diamon energy and why it is not a negativeDescription of the Serpent LanguageHow the I Ching is like DNAHow the I Ching can assist one in their daily lives Serpent divinationThe BaguaThe Oracle of Delphi

Maja D'Aoust is a practicing Witch and scholar of alchemy and occult lore. After completing her bachelors' degree in biochemistry, she earned her master's degree in transformational psychology with a focus on shamanism, the I Ching, and ancestors. She is the author of Familiars in Witchcraft and A Witch's Bestiary, coauthor of The Secret Source and creator of a Tarot deck, The White Witch Tarot, She lives in Los Angeles.