Get Drunk with Us!

Get Drunk with Us!

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Get Drunk with Us! 3- Circle of Death!!!!
September 24, 2015

On this week’s episode we play that old college favorite Circle of Death. Prepare to drink along! Subscribe in iTunes: itpc:// Listen in Stitcher: Sub

Get Drunk with Us 2 – Name that Song
September 17, 2015

On a very special extra drunk episode of Get Drunk with Us! we play another round of Name That Song! This week’s guests are Daryl, Rob, Ashley, Matt, Deb, Lauren,…

Get Drunk with Us! 1b- Sometimes we get drunk.
September 17, 2015

Last week’s episode got cut in two parts. Alcohol rules! Subscribe in iTunes: itpc:// Listen in Stitcher: Subscribe via RSS:

Get Drunk with US! 1 – Name that Song!!!
September 09, 2015

Join Darryl, Rob, Ashley, Matt, Deb, Lauren, and Chris in a game of Name that Song! A game show testing your ability to remember songs and music trivia, all while…