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Geek News Central Podcast

What is Sovereign Data? #1602

May 23, 2022

So what is sovereign data? It is the attempt by a growing list of countries that want to keep the data flow of their citizens within the boundaries of their own countries. While this will be expensive to implement I can understand why countries are doing it as the Internet has been the wild west for collecting individuals’ privacy information and selling it.

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Show Notes:
Sovereign Data
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Boeing Starliner Landing.
Cool Starlink Photos.
Hadron Collider Quarks.
Check Earth Out.
NASA Whirlpool Image.
Stealth DIY PC No Cables.
Tesla Driver could not open the door.
Boring Lunar Eclipse Video.
Zoom hits earnings expectations.
Broadcom to buy VMware?
Snapchat misses earnings big time.
Airbnb to close China Operations.
Zuckerberg Sued Again.
Klarna fires 10% of staff.
Amazon has over capacity in Warehouse space.

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