Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

Big Tech killed Arizona App Legislation #1517

April 01, 2021

Big Tech primarily Google hired nearly all the lobbyist in Arizona to pressure the legislature to not vote on a bill that would have caused both Apple and Google to lose revenue in that app developers would have been able to use third party payment processing systems bypassing the toll Google and Apple apply on those purchases.
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Show Notes:

* Amazon will bring employees back to the office
* Microsoft wins $21.9 billion contract from the US Army
* Amazon colluded with publishers
* Big Tech “hired almost every lobbyist”
* Google will limit some apps on the Play Store
* AT&T adds 5G to its public safety network
* Supreme Court sides with Facebook
* Dish complains to the FCC
* FCC proposes dedicated spectrum for private space launches
* iPhone users spent an average of $138.00 on apps
* YouTube is relaxing some rules
* Comcast may pull Universal movies from Netflix
* Casio unveils their first smartwatch
* Google says it’s “likely” some employees will return to the office