Geek News Central Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

AI Newscaster makes Debut in Korea #1488

November 16, 2020

Scientist in Korea has debuted the first-ever AI Newscaster that was modeled after a well-known newscaster in Korea. The likeness is startling and while I do not speak Korean an observation of the mannerisms and speech pattern were nearly duplicated after the newscaster spent 10 hours training the AI. We may need to go to something like this in America to bring semblance back to news reporting.
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Show Notes:

* –Google’s new changes to Gmail, Chat, and Meet
* –Harley-Davidson’s pricey Serial 1 e-bike
* –Amazon launches GameOn
* –Apple and Verizon to hold iPhone 12 event
* –7 easy Windows 10 tweaks
* –Radical liquid-mirror moon telescope
* –A small asteroid came closer to Earth
* –SpaceX Crew-1 team took Baby Yoda to space
* US government CISO takes a leave
* –Jeff Bezos announces first beneficiaries of his $10 billion climate fund
* HBO Max is finally coming to Amazon Fire TV
* Virgin Galatic delays next spaceflight 
* –Apple responded to macOS privacy concerns
* –More image and video takedowns from Facebook
* –Ransomware as a service
* –