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Geek News Central Podcast

Shelter in Place has been Ordered #1432

March 24, 2020

In 3 hours from this post, the State of Michigan has issued a Shelter in Place along with a number of provisions of which you are allowed to travel and or be at a place of employment. Being the New Media Studio is a News Outlet as well as a media broadcast location and a one-man show I will be working in the Office (alone) and then being shelter in place in the evening. Show loaded with deals and free stuff offered up by companies at this time.
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Show Notes:

* –NASA supercomputers join fight against coronavirus
* –Al Worden: Apollo 15 Astronaut
* Facebook Messanger to help health organizations
* Facebook sees 70% increase in Messanger group video calls
* –Coronavirus has made peak internet usage
* –Elon Musk to support Covid-19 fight
* –Google launches coronavirus site
* Geely will deliver car keys by drone
* –NASA Curiosity took a selfie
* –Apple is giving free e-books and audiobooks
* –T-Mobile offers subscribers 2 months free of YouTube Premium
* –Kids movies and TV shows are now free to stream on Prime Video
* –The CDC has a new self-checker bot
* –Download “TIME for Kids” for free
* –