Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer

Geek:30 Happy Hour | Celebrating Geek Culture and Craft Beer

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G30 75: Anniversary Plus Escape Room Equals Awesome
June 27, 2017

Where to start... Wow... No words...Thank you all so much for following us through 75 (+/-) wonderful episodes! As a treat, Emily from the 501st and winner of our Chewbacca impersonation contest came down from her garrsion in Maryland just to help us Bet.

G30 74: Guardians of a Modern Retro Universe
June 20, 2017

Alex and JoJo celebrate Father's Day! Beer: Solace Brewing Company  News:Sony's Venom will have ties to the MCU Atari announces a colossal consol.

G30 73: We're fine. We're all fine here, now...
June 13, 2017

Alex and JoJo break a thing!    But not on purpose...    After a few tweaks with the resident sledgehammer, the duo finally managed to make all their technology work for them... For now...  Alex brings in Quattro Goomba's Precedent Pale Ale:http://www.go.

G30 72: Sofa King Tired
June 06, 2017

Alex and JoJo welcome Tim on to the show! Tim brings:North Country Brewing Co - Firehouse Red The three then talk:  Amazon is hosting a major Marvel comic book sale:

G30 71: Pay to Play
May 30, 2017

Alex and JoJo welcome Alex's parents, Staci and Luis, to the show!  Beer Leffe Brown  News Monster movies

G30 70: Maniacal Laugh
May 23, 2017

Alex and JoJo bring on guest, Sam AKA "samahndc" from the Twitchverse! Sam brings not one, but TWO beers in light of his heritage and his spouse's heritage:  San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer (Filipino): Cass Fresh[e.

G30 69: Giggity
May 16, 2017

Alex and JoJo are late!  Well... Not like, THAT kind of late...  But Alex and Deanna went and had a baby and JoJo went and borked himself... Again...  Dammit, JoJo!  The two drink a lovely beer from a local brewery! Mustang Sally Brewing Company Porterht.

G30 68: Get Your Body Beach Ready With VR!
May 09, 2017

Alex and JoJo share a fart!  Well... JoJo shares one with Alex... Who doesn't seem very excited about it.  The Duo bring on Emergence IBA, a local craft brew from Bad Wolf Brewing Company in Manassas: Then they t.

G30 67: Our Founding Imbibers
May 01, 2017

What if you could drink your dessert? Southern Tier has discovered a way to make you enjoy thin mints in beer form! At 10%ABV no less! Yay!  Southern Tier Thick Mint While enjoying this amazing brew, Alex and JoJo touc.

G30 66: The Intersection of Route 50 and HWY 66
April 25, 2017

There's ALWAYS traffic on 66.ALWAYS.Alex and JoJo welcome returning guest, Diddi!The trio try a beer from a brewery in Maryland.Ocean City Brewing Company Route 50 American Pale Alehttps: