Queer Culture

Queer Culture

Special: Neuro(not-so)typical

July 31, 2019

Clone copy of the podcast produced by Jacob Edward for 'Queer Confessions'.

Translating what is in your head can be a task... even more so when you're on the autistic spectrum. Late one night Jacob sat down and translated an intense 2 weeks of thought processing for you in the hope you will gain a better understanding of them as well as some of the resent life events that have shaped how this all came about.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains strong language, brief mentions of suicide and some very out their analogies. None of this is intended to cause offence, Jacob is just trying to communicate their truth as best they can.

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-Jacob- Thank you for taking the time to listen to this, I know it's a long one, but this was the way I decided to do this, so however far you get, thank you for taking the time to listen to my work. - JE x