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Gateway EPC Sermons

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Exodus 1
August 27, 2017

As Exodus begins, we see a great act of evil. Two midwives defy the Pharaoh, and their work models how we are to serve as midwives of the coming Kingdom.

Genesis 47
August 20, 2017

We end our series with Joseph as we marvel at his example of fruitful stewardship. How does that inform how we steward the opportunities God has given us?

Genesis 46
August 13, 2017

Joseph finally reunites with his Father. In Christ, we are reunited as well. In this sermon, we hear how Joseph's story anticipates the deep sin around us (including the racism we saw yesterday) and so much of Christ's work of salvation.

Genesis 45
August 06, 2017

Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers and is reconciled. What does reconciliation look like in our lives and how is it acheived?

Genesis 44
July 30, 2017

Joseph shows his family mercy. What does mercy look like? What does Jesus have to say about it?

Genesis 43
July 23, 2017

When the famine becomes severe, Joseph's brothers show up in Joseph's office and don't know it is him. Joseph makes a surprising choice, and it tells us much about the nature of forgiveness.

Genesis 42
July 16, 2017

Joseph meets his brothers when they arrive to buy food. They don't recognize him, and Joseph begins the hard work of forgiveness. Why does Joseph make this a process?

Genesis 41
July 09, 2017

Pharaoh has a dream that no one can interpret. Joseph is invited in to talk with Pharaoh. What does he say and how might that inform our lives?

Genesis 39
June 25, 2017

Joseph is given a choice, and it is one many slaves don't get. His response shocks us to this day. What might we learn as we face the hard choices in our lives?

Genesis 38
June 18, 2017

The story of Tamar surprises comes in the middle of Joseph's story, and a story of sexual assault and prostitution is not what we thought we'd find at this point in Genesis. However, God's work in Tamar's life is incredibly good news for us.