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GameBros Show Ep.71: ID @ Xbox, State of play, and Boderlands 3
April 03, 2019

So on today's episode we spoke about the Reveal of the new Games @ID Xbox and their cool indie games, Covering State of Play , the games out this week, and much more! . . . . . . CHECK US OUT ON: Facebook- Gamebros show Instagram- Gamebros_show...

GameBros Show Ep.70: We talk Google Stadia, Oculus Quest/Rift S , Review Sekiro ans more
March 31, 2019

So on today's episode we spoke about the Reveal of the new GOOGLE STADIA and how it might revolutionize the way we play games!?, The two new Oculus headsets coming out the Quest and Rift S, the games coming out this week, we also reviewed Sekiro:...

Gamebros Show ep.69 : Xbox Streaming , Apex News , Google Console , Review of The Division 2
March 20, 2019

So on today's episode we spoke about the crazy new game streaming service XBOX AND STEAM is bringing out, Apex and it's scholarship?, NEW GOOGLE CONSOLE!, SONY PSVR 2!, Games out this week, Upcoming game DLC, A Division 2 REVIEW, and much more . . . ....

GameBros Show Ep. 43: Time To Get Our Beta On
October 06, 2015

We talk about the new Need For Speed beta , We talk about MGO , and the new Star Wars BattleFront Beta

GameBros Show Ep 42: Is it Good Enough or Does it Just fall Short?
October 04, 2015

We Breakdown everything in the tech and Video Game World.

GameBros Show Ep.41: How Much is to much
September 22, 2015

We talk about Halo 5 ,Rainbow 6 , PlayStation VR and much more

GameBros Show Ep 40: Apple and all the goodies, Metal Gear 5 greatness and Mad Max eats dog food.
September 16, 2015

We talk about all the news that came out of the Apple KeyNote. they also announce the new App for Pokemon. We then review Metal Gear Solid 5 , we let everyone know how great it is. Then we break down all the eating habits of Mad Max. We then Talk...

GameBros Show Ep.39: Don't Be Scared to Make the Right Choice
September 07, 2015

We talk games , lots of great games out now.

GameBros Show Ep.38: Call Of Duty are you Ready to Serve
September 07, 2015

We break down the Call Of Duty Beta. Is it worth pre ordering

GameBros Show Ep.37: Star Wars Land here we come
September 07, 2015

We talk Star Wars Land and Destiny new and more