Gag On This...Podcast

Gag On This...Podcast

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Ep. 056 - Namaste Cocksucka with Carollynn the Comic
December 02, 2019

The crew is joined by Carollynn the Comic with a special guest host Jesse Rivera! We talk her photography, being a comedienne in Sacramento, the Keto Diet, douchebag replies from men, she enters the comics studio, and the second half we are joined by Cha.

Ep. 055 - Yurt Living with Jake Rizzly
November 25, 2019

The crew talks with Jake Rizzly! We talk his college years, picking lettuce, comedy in Napa area, he enters the comics studio, his family's quirks, friend zoned, who Jake's true best friend is, many many tangents, Big Nick attempts an accent and so much .

Ep. 054 - Dog Pigs with Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor
November 18, 2019

The crew is joined by two Sacramento legends, Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor. We talked to Keith about his endorsement from Roseanne Barr, his participation in a new documentary, being an author, and being arrested. We talk to Johnny about a video.

Ep. 053 - Willie Listen Crossover
November 16, 2019

Rob and Big Nick are guests on the Willie Listen podcast live from Stab!

Ep. 052 - International Tinder Date with Emily Pedersen
November 11, 2019

The gang is all back together for this one! Our guest is Emily Pedersen and we have Jesse Rivera as a guest host! We talk about her trip to Italy, her involvement in Tella Novella, never doing the same comedy set twice, she enters the Comics Studio, and .

Ep. 051 - Bedazzled Butt Jeans with Jacob Blaeser
November 04, 2019

The crew is down one gagger so we have special guest host Zach Edlow joining us with Jacob Blaeser! We talk about his band, being nominated for the Modesto Area Music Awards, traveling for comedy, Danni tries to answer a question from a Twitter follower,.

Ep. 050 - First Rule of Gag Club with Terry TC Morgan and the Broken Comics
October 28, 2019

When Big Nick can't make it the inmates are running the asylum! Rob and Danni are joined by TC Morgan who brought along his fellow Broken Comics (Jordan and Nick) to discuss MMA fighting, acting, being the hand in a very well known movie, difficulty in c.

Ep. 049 - FBI Massage Parlor with Robert Omoto
October 21, 2019

The gang is joined by Robert Omoto and they discuss his time on the road, stories of working with other comics, Bobby's World, Random Thoughts podcast, he enters the Comics Studio, we talk weddings, shooting ranges and guns, MMA training, and tons more! .

Ep. 048 - Larp-tastic with Teo Morgan
October 14, 2019

The gang is joined by Teo Morgan and we discuss his live comedy role playing Diversity & Dragons, his feelings about local comedy, he enters the "Comics Studio," we talk about larping and Rob and Teo bond over role playing games, Big Nick mentions politi.

Ep. 047 - Annie Lennox Bear with Alex Elkin
October 07, 2019

The gang sits with Alex Elkin! We talk about the Oregon comedy scene, importance of traveling for comedy, winning the SF Comedy Competition, he enters the Comics Studio, "woke comedy," Satanic Big Book of Children's Activities, nail clipper challenge, P..