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Futurenauts Episode 47
July 01, 2016

Hey, you guys! In our episode this time around Kevin and Jake regale you with tales of the their travels… Read more Futurenauts Episode 47

Futurenauts Episode 46
June 07, 2016

Hello, from the past! In this very special episode we offer a glimpse of what a realistic “Space Oddity” would… Read more Futurenauts Episode 46

Futurenauts Episode 45
May 02, 2016

Hey, Listeners! We hope this synopsis finds you well. This week the Futurenauts learn about an ancient curse that was… Read more Futurenauts Episode 45

Episode 44
April 16, 2016

Yo, everybody! How’s it hangin’? Ours are fine, thanks. In this very emotional episode, we say goodbye to the bass… Read more Episode 44

Episode 43
April 08, 2016

Hey, futurenuts! How are you? We’re good,too, thanks. Join Kevin and what’s left of Jake as they delve into all… Read more Episode 43

Episode 42
March 22, 2016

Join the Futurenauts as they try to solve the problems of the world through wry observations and snide comments. This… Read more Episode 42

Episode 41
March 07, 2016

Hey Futurenuts! Episode 41 here. This one’s sort of our Lost Holiday Episode. We’re joined in studio by international superstar… Read more Episode 41

Episode 40
January 30, 2016

It’s our first 40th episode! We talk about Halloween stuff, and memories and stuff. Lots of good assorted tips & tidbits.… Read more Episode 40

Episode 39
November 04, 2015

Duck or Dragon? Which sounds better? Learn with us. Earn with us. Yearn with us. Pedobear is dead! Jake did… Read more Episode 39

Episode 38
October 21, 2015

Allison Sciulla joins us to talk about family, vans, mothers, and roadkill. Check out her band Zoccola. We’ve got a… Read more Episode 38