Latest Episodes

Important Announcement
May 29, 2019

FUT FM is going on hiatus, here’s everything you need to know.

EPL TOTS Release Party – Episode 116
May 21, 2019

Some of the most sought after players have been released into the FIFA wilderness! Tune in to hear our reactions to the EPL TOTS! Plus, is Messi still worth it?

Ibra Hunts Once More – Episode 115
May 14, 2019

TOTS has kicked off and we’ve gotten another Ibra card that the galaxy is scared of! How will he impact the meta? Also, did you know there might be a bit of a finishing difference between the Tele Broadcast and Co op cameras? Let’s take a look!

Free Packs? – Episode 114
May 07, 2019

We kick off a new season of FUT FM with your awesome voicemails and answer burning questions! Should you get free packs when servers go down? Can Socrates be good as a wide playmaker? Is 91 Mbappe worth it???

Time Is A Flat Circle – Episode 113
April 30, 2019

Prime Gullit returns to the podcast as the dynamic duo takes another stab at the 433 and the bronze pack method. PLUS, drpoplove has a new training regimen.

4231 And Timed Finishing After 7 Months – Episode 112
April 23, 2019

The FUT FM duo takes a look at the evolution of 4231 and timed finishing across FIFA 19 so far. Is 4231 too stable? Is timed finishing working as intended? Tune in to find out!

More Gameplay Tips – Episode 111
April 16, 2019

This week we dive deep into more gameplay tips focused on skill moves, sprinting, and squad composition! Plus, we take a quick look at the eNations Cup and put a bow on Prime Icon Moments.

Fake Esports Drama And Real Tips – Episode 110
April 09, 2019

The FUT FM duo looks at what happens when tabloid tactics plague esports in order to create clickbait drama. ALSO, the gents give you loads of attacking and defending tips for FIFA 19.

FUT Bday Hangover – Episode 109
April 02, 2019

The FUT Bday party rages on, but are too many people passing out? This week the FUT FM duo takes a look at new Birthday players, possession tactics, and they take a long hard look at Prime Icon Moments.

FUT Birthday Party – Episode 108
March 26, 2019

FUT Birthday is in full swing and it’s raining cats and dogs! Ibra at CB? Van Dijk at ST?? 94 R9 sucks??? Be sure to tune into this action packed FUT FM episode, there’s just so much going on. We’ve got everything from new player reviews to a new co-host!