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Funnel Radio’s Behind the Mic

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From Owner to Employee - When Mergers Align With Your Vision
March 29, 2022

Tenlo's Chief Technology Officer and podcast host, Tessa Burg joined Susan Finch to talk about the recent merger with Mod Op. Tessa talks about the expanded opportunities for their team, their clients

Before You Commit to Creating a Podcast You May Want to Consider These Items
January 18, 2022

Before You Commit, Know the Answers to These Questions WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Is it to launch an initiative? Build reputation? Boost egos of your executives or clients? Give value to your existing cl

Programmatic Media Buying Has Changed Everything
October 19, 2021

We are regularly asked at Funnel Media Group how to jump-start a show's reach into new markets, and reach new audiences. This episode covers advertising, sponsors, and the change in best practices ove

What Is a Podcast Guest Management Firm?
September 08, 2021

  This episode was inspired by the great guests Interview Valet has been sending us for our hosts, and by a blog post, "Checklist Before You are a Guest on a Podcast". This episode covers expectations

We All Have Our Favorite Podcast Equipment - What Are Yours?
July 28, 2021

In this 13 minute episode we cover our favorite podcast equipment and the reasons we prefer one over another. There are some additional items we suggest to give you a more professional look and sound.

Tell Us: Why Might You Ask Your Guest For a Do-Over?
July 19, 2021

This episode covers one of the questions from the recent one with EJ and Nina in Funnel Feud. These are the top 8 answers given by 100 podcast hosts, guests, and team members. Aside from swearing, rev

Funnel Feud! 3 Questions We Asked Podcast Teams
July 05, 2021

You know the music, you know how it works. Play along with our version - Funnel Feud to hear the answers to these questions: 1. What is a reason you would want a do-over with a guest? 2. What is the r

Podcast Editing Tips for Hosts, Guests, and Editors
March 24, 2021

Podcasting editors' tips from EJ Albaugh. EJ reminds us that if we can do a bit of practice we can save time and money with our editing solutions. Don't be afraid of a retake, and beware of Zoom twang when there are bandwidth issues for your host or you..

Building Community Through Podcasting and Podchaser
December 21, 2020

Taking advantage of search engine goodness, building communities of podcasters and their teams, as well as profiles for creators is what Podchaser's Dave Keine and Susan Finch talked about today on Behind the Mic. Do not miss the list of free tools, tip..

Gifts for Podcasters - Playlists and Profiles
December 03, 2020

Tune in for this packed episode with free tools podcasters can use to expand their reach. There are two free tools we are going to cover in this episode: Using Playlists to increase your exposure in the podcast venues including Spotify, Apple Podcasts/p..