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Slow Show Time is the Time to Review and Improve
November 11, 2020

Sometimes guests are hard to secure during the holidays. Sometimes you are pulled in many directions and don't have the same time for your show. That's OK. Make the use of this time to improve your podcast for next season. Listen to these 10 tips you ca..

Need to Move Your Podcast? Slow down so you don't botch up your good work.
November 04, 2020

You created this great podcast, or so you thought, and you liked how it was set up, but not really. And you have new team members and they say, "I hate that software, I hate that platform, let's do something better." Or maybe even that platform went awa..

Why be a lone ranger with a surly sidekick when you could be part of a family.
October 19, 2020

Let's talk about television families. The good:The Brady, the Flintstone, Huxtable, Barone, Evans, Drummond & Jackson, Addams, Munster, Cleaver, Duke, Clampett, Arnolds, Jetsons, Partidge, Carwright, Bradford, Cunningham, Ingals, and Kyle Families Then ..

How to be a Great podcast Host People Will Want to Listen To
September 30, 2020

  It's as much about the content as it is your voice. Many times I hear hosts that think they can just randomly start talking. Sometimes it's difficult to follow as they dart around taking tangents without ever completing a point or thought. They may ha..

Why Podcasts Fail to Get Beyond the 8th Episode
September 08, 2020

There are over 1,000,000 podcasts, the vast majority, however, fail to get beyond the 8th podcast.  Veteran radio and podcast producer Paul Roberts discuss with Jim Obermayer how to avoid being in the graveyard of podcasters. This week’s Behind the Mike..

How To Get More Listeners for Your Podcast
August 25, 2020

Everyone wants more listeners, but realistically, you want more of the RIGHT listeners - those that will be affected by what you say, those that will share your show, and possibly consider your company and products to solve their problems. But before we..

How to be a Great and Memorable Podcast Host
August 12, 2020

This is one of the reasons podcasts fail - the host is selfish, lazy, inconsiderate. Listen in to learn how to avoid those pitfalls. Fair warning, you'll have some work to do including creating follow up schedules, promotions, writing a thank you note, ..

Ten Steps to Start a Podcast in Two Weeks
August 04, 2020

Many people want to do a podcast, but most don't know how to start. Funnel Media Group's VP of Operations, Susan Finch teaches regular courses through the DMANC - Direct Marketing Association's Northern California Chapter. Her most popular courses are o..

How to Get a Guest for Your Podcast
July 21, 2020

  Some say getting a guest for your podcast is easy, some say not so easy.  To understand how to get guests and manage expectations for both guest and host we talked with Sheena McKinney, executive assistant, and producer for Matt Heinz’s popular podcas..

How Hosting a Podcast Helped Mark Coronna at Chief Outsiders
July 13, 2020

We know podcasting helps businesses establish thought-leadership. During this program, Mark Coronna from Chief Outsiders reveals how his new podcast has helped his visibility. This show will appeal to those seeking thought-leadership branding for their ..