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Lidia Marrero, Rick Reed, Michael Treece and The Ice King
October 12, 2017

Hear from the very first winners of the Equis Financial Ignite Award! Lidia Marrero, Rick Reed and Michael Treece join Glenn Davies to discuss how they hit the ground running with Equis and how they plan to build off of their promising starts. Whether...

Chris Tinsman and Mechanical Turk 2
August 24, 2016

Tune in as Chris Tinsman explains how she has grown a 1 person team to a very fast growing and sizable agency since January of this year. Then listen in as Glenn Davies gives a part 2 of Mechanical Turk using modern day technology.

Kirk Shearer and Mechanical Turk
August 12, 2016

An intriguing episode featuring Kirk Shearer! Listen in as Kirk tells his life story and his outlook on the insurance industry and the mindset you must have in order to be successful. Then stay tuned for another interesting outro from your host,...

Mecca Thompson Brown & Itty Bitty Bombs
August 04, 2016

For those of you who have not met Mecca Thompson-Brown, you're in for a treat! Tune into this episode of Fuel Sell featuring Mecca and listen to her light hearted story of how she became involved in the insurance industry, why she believes the biggest...

Fuel Sell Live: The Shepherd's, The Maddox Brothers, & The Plimsoll Line
July 25, 2016

Fuel Sell is back from Summer Break with an episode brought to you from the Summer Sales Conference in Indianapolis featuring The Shepherd's and The Maddox Brothers. Also enjoy a brand new outro from your host, Glenn Davies, titled, "The Plimsoll Line."

Nate Maddox & The Psychology of Feeling Better
June 08, 2016

Brand new interview with Nate Maddox, who travels long distances to make sales, is building his own team, and just last month wrote over $25,000 in issued paid premium. 

Chris Chaulk & Grit
May 25, 2016

Excellent tips found in this week's episode of Glenn Davies interview with Chris Chaulk. Glenn Davies finished the episode with a discussion on Grit. 

Mike Hopp and Stress Decisions
May 17, 2016

Tune into this fantastic interview between Glenn Davies and Mike Hopp, a part time agent for Equis Financial. Learn why Mike has preferred starting out doing insurance part time and how he managed to only have one denied application in an entire year.

Joyce Gay & The Science of Choking
May 09, 2016

New today on Fuel Sell, Glenn Davies interviews Joyce Gay and talks science when it comes to mentally choking. 

Rick Hazouri & The Queue Theory
May 02, 2016

On Today's new episode of Fuel Sell, Glenn Davies speaks withRick Hazouri about how he has made it to where he is today in hiscareer. Later in the program, Glenn talks about The Queue Theoryand the problem with the last minute merge.