Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend

Devon Lee Carlson: Model, Co-Founder of Wildflower Cases

October 14, 2019

Devon Lee Carlson is a triple threat. She’s a model who’s worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Juicy, and Marc Jacobs, runs a YouTube channel with over 140,000 subscribers, and is the co-founder of Wildflower, a phone case company she started with her family in high school. With killer style, an adorable dog, and a wild sense of humor, she’s one of our favorite people to follow on the Internet and her 650,000 followers agree. Just last month, she was voted the most popular influencer by New York Magazine’s 100-Teen Poll, a survey done among 100 high schoolers in New York City.


In this episode, Devon and I talk about building a family business, how to be an emotional person in a cut-throat industry, and the responsibility that comes with being the most popular influencer on the Internet.



For more, follow Devon on Instagram at @devonleecarlson and @friendofafriend.