Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend

Hannah Bronfman: DJ, Author, and Founder of HBFIT

May 12, 2019

At 31 years old, Hannah Bronfman has established herself as a health and wellness mogul with over half a million followers. She's the founder of HBFIT, a wellness destination dedicated to her discoveries in health, beauty, and fitness. Hannah just released her first book, Do What Feels Good, a wellness encyclopedia of her favorite recipes that challenges us to rethink our ideas of beauty, and what healthy means to us. In this episode, Hannah gives us the good, bad, and the ugly of her entrepreneurial journey - from coming face to face with failure, to then creating a global community that’s challenging beauty and health standards, to her thoughts on how we can build a more inclusive wellness industry.


For more, visit and follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahbronfman.


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