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Managing ICP in TBI Patients
March 09, 2020

One of the central things we do for neuro patients in control their ICP. But, does tight control of ICP improve outcomes? Is ICP the best thing for us to be optimizing, especially if brain ischemia is what we're trying to avoid?

Managing ICP in TBI patients
March 09, 2020

Does tightly managing #ICP help our patients? Is there a better way? (spoiler: Licox @integra_life)

TIA – Furosemide for ICP?
February 21, 2020

Does that work? Is it a good idea?

OR Attire
February 10, 2020

What is the evidence behind the things we are forced to wear in the OR? Do they help? Are they voodoo? On this episode, Karl takes us through the evidence behind the different pieces of OR attire. Some things seem to work...

Evidence behind OR attire
February 10, 2020

Is there any evidence behind our OR attire Maybe? Sort-of? ... take a listen.

TIA – Awareness under anesthesia
January 21, 2020

Our inaugural TIA! (mini-episodes reviewing a specific article) This one is is discussing an article that measured awareness under anesthesia more common than you might expect... Sanders,

History of Neurosurgery
December 09, 2019

This episode we cover a brief overview of the history of neurosurgery, from ancient trephination through the contributions of Harvey Cushing in establishing the modern field. How far back were people doing surgery on the head?

Recovery in Severe TBI
November 01, 2019

How good are we at predicting outcome in severe TBI? Do all patients do bad, or are there some that recover? On this episode Karl dives into the data to give us an update on what the data supports. Literature Referenced:

Ketamine in TBIs
October 06, 2019

Is ketamine safe to use in TBI patients (or anyone with increased ICP)? The usual answer is “heck no!”, but where does this come from, and is it true? This week, Karl and I talk about the origin of this believe and the evidence behind the safety ...

Does dexamethasone worsen mortality in GBM?
September 20, 2019

Really? Decadron can worsen mortality in GBMs? This week Karl and I go over the evidence showing that steroids might not be the best thing for GBM patients. Specifically, it looks like dexamethasone might interfere with the effectiveness of chemo an...