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Fresco Show 9: A Fresh Set of Clothes
February 04, 2016

"Sanders says he wants to run against me because …

Fresco Show 8: Happy Birthday, Dads
January 21, 2016

We're back! After an extended break, we address t…

Fresco Show 7: STAR WARS, Episode VIII — Without, Then With, Spoilers
December 19, 2015

This week we saw Star Wars, so we're reviewing St…

Fresco Show 6: A Studio Under Siege
December 05, 2015

When things get serious, we record in the dark. W…

Fresco Show 5: The World is on Fire
November 23, 2015

We're back from an extended break, and everything…

Fresco Show 4: Haunted Edition feat. Aija Mayrock
November 01, 2015

It's been a scary week in the news: Congress want…

Fresco Show 3: The Drunk Episode
October 19, 2015

For National Liquer Day, we recap recent events i…

Fresco Show 2: Technological Disasters, Natural Disasters, Political Disasters
October 02, 2015

From bioweapon preparedness, to hurricanes making…

Fresco Show 1: Trump Butter
September 19, 2015

In our introductory episode we cover Ahmed Mohame…