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#144 | Stefan Randig | Living for Depth
March 04, 2023

Stefan Randig is a German competitive freediver based in Dahab, Egypt. He first appeared on episode #10 of The Freedive Cafe: this episode we discuss:The last time Stefan and I talked

#143 | Jordy Duncan | Phoenix Rising
February 09, 2023

Jordy Duncan is not only my awesome co-host on the Freediving Journal News Dispatch, but an up and coming elite freediver in her own right.Jordy has only been diving for around 2 years but has managed to achieve distances in the pool of more than 200m, w

#142 | Pete Botman | Master's Champion
February 01, 2023

Pete Botman is a Canadian/Dutch freediving athlete and instructor based in Dahab, Egypt. He is a 100m+ diver, multiple World Record holder in the CMAS Master's category and didn't start freediving until he was later in his forties.In this episo

#141 | Tito ZappalĂ  | Love & Freediving
January 20, 2023

Tito Zappal is an Italian freediver and coach. He worked under the eye of Andrea Zuccari at Freediving World in Sharm el-Sheikh for five years before moving up to Dahab when he currently lives and coaches.In this episode we discuss:Tito and Kat's pl

#140 | Ali Okab | Aqua Marina
January 17, 2023

Ali Okab is the boss and face of the world-famous Aqua Marina, located right at the Blue Hole north of Dahab, Egypt.His restaurant is the starting point for all freediving adventures in the Blue Hole and the de facto family house for freedivers from all o

#139 | Kateryna Sadurska | Fire And Water
December 10, 2022

Kateryna Sadurska is a multiple record holder and Ukrainian champion.Kat has a background as a synchronised swimmer and even made it to the Olympics in Rio to represent Ukraine in that sport, and later turned her attention to our wonderful sport of freed

#138 | Denis Grosmaire | Dancing With Sharks
November 27, 2022

Denis Grosmaire was raised in the pacific island nation of French Polynesia, travelling for island to island as a kid with his mom, growing up in the ocean from a very young age.However, he didn't dive deeper than 30m or take a freediving course unt

#137 | Bizo Silva | Lung Ultrasound, Squeeze and Lung Health
November 09, 2022

Bizo Silva is an Emergency Medicine physician practicing in a trauma center in Northern California, USA. He specialized in lung ultrasound in trauma. Bizo took part in much of the basic research and development of methods on how lung ultrasound is practic

#136 | Alex Llinas | Evolution
September 18, 2022

Alex Llinas is from Colombia and holds several national records. He dived his first 100m during competition at this years AIDA World Championships in Roatan. His story of spending years in immigration limbo, battling cancer and losing his father before go

#135 | Juani Valdivia | Freediving Medicine
August 11, 2022

Jani Valdivia is from Peru and is based in Tampa, Florida where he works as a neurosurgeon.He is also a member of the AIDA Medical Committee, President of AIDA Peru and a competitive freediver himself.He was first on the podcast on Episode #99For freedivi