The Frank Caliendo Cast

The Frank Caliendo Cast

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Episode 49: Bill Walton, The Chupeecawbree, Herd Immunity & Jordan's Last Dance
April 28, 2020

Frank calls together the forces of the caliendocast and gathers John, Scott & Shaun to talk about Frank's recent Stugotz podcast appearance with Bill Walton, the creation of a new mythical creature, how Sweden is establishing herd immunity to coronavirus

Episode 48: Inside An NFL Draft Room w/former NFL GM & Insider Michael Lombardi
April 24, 2020

In the midst of the 2020 NFL Draft Day 2, John, Frank, Scott & Shaun bring on former NFL GM and "insider" Michael Lombardi for a deep discussion on the inner workings of an NFL organization on Draft Day. Covering everything from player draft boards, to pl

Episode 47: A Soul Baring Interview w/Bobby Lee
April 22, 2020

Frank, John, Scott, Toledo and Shaun fire up Zoom for a great sit down with actor/comedian Bobby Lee who bares his soul in recounting his and Frank's days as castmates on Fox's 'MADtv', going demoralizing auditions, the loss of his abusive father, addicti

Episode 46: Nary An Eff Given w/guest Dennis Miller
April 19, 2020

Dennis Miller is a comedy legend! And Frank was able to schedule some time with him on the podcast so, joined by John & Scott, the four headed to Zoom and had an awesome talk about his career, his attitude toward life, comedy, pleasing people, contemporar

Episode 45: Trying To Do Standup w/o A Live Audience & Radio In A Nervous World
April 16, 2020

Frank, John, Scott, Shaun, Toledo & Jose fire up the Zoom call machine for a discussion on what it's been like trying to carve out a comedic living when the live audience isn't there and trying to do a comedic radio show in an ever nervous world amid Covi

Episode 44: A Grand Meandering Journey w/guest, actor/comedian Jon Lovitz
April 12, 2020

Today's episode featuring a fantastic interview with actor/comedian Jon Lovitz, finds Frank & John as equal parts fanboy and contemporary in a discussion of all things comedy, acting, story telling, impressions and more! For reference the interview was re

Episode 43: BiPolar Headlines & Revisiting Bad 80's Action Movies From Our Covid Bunkers
April 06, 2020

Frank, John, Scott, Toledo, Jose & Shaun dial up another Zoom meeting to discuss beloved 80's action movies that just don't hold up under a current technology microscope and touch on the seemingly endless stream of Coronavirus news headlines as read by La

Episode 42: An Open Book On Athletics & Media w/guest Pat McAfee
April 02, 2020

Frank, John, Scott & Shaun once again head to the Zoom app and invite in their guest, former NFL Punter Pat McAfee, for a wide open discussion on everything from college recruitment, to trick plays and transitioning from a pro sports career to one in medi

Episode 41: A Masterclass in Impressions w/guest, actor/comedian Elon Gold
March 30, 2020

Frank, John & Scott, while continuing to hunker down amid the coronavirus shutdown, convene a Zoom "call" with actor/comedian/impressionist Elon Gold to discuss all manner of things from trying to nail down an impression to working in TV, to fleshing out

Episode 40: LIVE From Our Self-Isolation Corona Bunkers!
March 23, 2020

Frank John, Toledo & Salehi soldier through a self-imposed isolation individually as the #Coronavirus continues to spread across the country to gather, via group facetime, to bring a bit of reality AND levity to the current clime as of Monday morning Marc