FPEA Connects

FPEA Connects

I’m So Overwhelmed

August 26, 2021

I'm So Overwhelmed– Episode 99

Every mom has experienced it at some point or another! The feeling of being overwhelmed.
Points Discussed on the Show


⁃    Step away

⁃    Go outside

⁃    Kids feel it too

⁃    Take a break


⁃    In the moment

⁃    Is it an easy fix?

⁃    Long term solutions


⁃    Cup of coffee

⁃    Quiet time (for mom and kids)

⁃    Go jump in the pool!

⁃    How about ice cream?


⁃    Tomorrow is a new day

⁃    The most important thing (isn’t the moment; is the relationship)


⁃    Find joy In the progress

⁃    Celebrate the small things too

⁃    Laugh and smile

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