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FPEA Connects

Summer Reading List: 2021 Edition

July 22, 2021

Summer Reading List: 2021 Edition– Episode 97
Summer is the perfect time to settle in with a good book. We have some great suggestions for your kids and you! Because reading is not just for kids! Grab a book, a bottle sunblock and head out to the water!

Authors Mentioned on the show:

* Ginny Yurich
* Tricia Goyer
* Jenny L. Cote
* Chuck Black
* Realm Makers
* Connie Albers
* Christy Barritt
* Lynn Shannon
* Susan May Warren
* Tricia Mingerink
* Jaye L. Knight
* Lincoln Smith
* Kira Dewey
* Juanita Baumpart

For book suggestions: check the Off the Shelf articles in each FPEA Connects issue.


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