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Wild Florida Spotlight: Key West
May 21, 2020

Key West - Episode 86   - Travel Florida's overseas highways to one of the most unique cities in the US. We highlight some of the interesting facts and history of Key West, FL. - Key West is like no other. It is unique, rich in history and culture.

Break New Ground: 2020 Victory Gardens
May 11, 2020

Victory Gardens - Episode 85   - We are living in interesting times.  Take a look a Victory Gardens with Suzanne. We talk about the history of the gardens and reasons your family should consider digging up  your own garden! -   Learn More Here -

Lighthouses of Florida
March 26, 2020

Lighthouses of Florida Episode 84 - Florida’s lighthouses have provided constant beacons of light to sailors for many years, bringing them home safely. Effectively helping them to navigate the treacherous and sometimes dangerous reefs and jetties t...

Wild Florida Live Free: Florida’s Homeschool Convention
March 19, 2020

Wild Florida Live Free: Florida's Homeschool Convention Homeschooling Florida #NOREGRETS Episode 83 - The Premier Event for Homeschool Families May 21-23, 2020 - Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Convention Center, Orlando, FL -

Florida Christmas Roadtrips
November 21, 2019

Florida Christmas Roadtrips Episode 82 - Florida Christmas Roadtrips. As you probably already know, we love Christmas around here! In this episode, Suzanne lists some new places to visit for Christmas this year. Well, they are new to us.

12 Stories of Christmas
November 07, 2019

12 Stories of Christmas Episode 81 - 12 Stories of Christmas. It's our favorite time of year! We love Christmas time around here. In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite Christmas stories... both books and on the big screen. -

St. Augustine: A Fun Family Trip
October 17, 2019

St. Augustine: A Fun Family Trip Episode 80 - FPEA will be traveling to Saint Augustine this November 1-2 to explore America's oldest city! - Saint Augustine truly is a fascinating trip for your family to take.

Florida in the Fall
October 10, 2019

Florida in the Fall–  Episode 79 -   - Let's talk about Fall -- specifically, Fall in Florida. - It may not be the same as most other states, but we can certainly still enjoy the season. But, Florida does have theme parks in the fall!

Literature Based Homeschooling
September 26, 2019

Literature Based Homeschooling–  Episode 78 - Join us we talk about the different approaches to homeschooling. - Four ways to enjoy the stories. • you read aloud to the kids • one of the children reads aloud • the children read independently

Homeschool Your Way
September 12, 2019

Homeschool Your Way–  Episode 77 - Join us we talk about the different approaches to homeschooling. - The beauty of homeschooling is it really gives us, the parent, the opportunity to teach our kids according to what works best for them.