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The Force Fed Sci-Fi Movie Podcast

Apollo 13

July 22, 2019

Apollo 13 Liftoff

Force Fed Sci-Fi fans, we have a problem ... as we look back at the Apollo 13 film, go over the Apollo 13 movie summary, the cast of Apollo 13 the movie, and more. Join us as we go over our Apollo 13 movie rating and review. Failure is not option this time! (Too corny? Probably, but I had to). Finally, we just want to mention that we wanted to step away from sci-fi just for this episode to help commemorate the Apollo astronauts and the Apollo 11 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Read on and/or listen to the podcast episode and enjoy!

The Apollo 13 Movie Summary
Photo by Georges Biard

The Apollo 13 movie summary goes a little something like this according to us here at Force Fed Sci-Fi ... During the Apollo program, we have the launch of Apollo 13. Prior to this mission, Apollo 11 and 12 were able to land on the moon and Apollo 13 was slated to do the same. Astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert are eager to make it to the moon, but an explosion occurs as a result of one of the liquid oxygen tanks sparking. Now, NASA has to frantically work to bring the crew home safely as there are many issues that arose because of the explosion (power consumption upon re-entry to earth and even having to build an extra carbon dioxide filter out of whatever the astronauts had on board). After a sling shot after the moon, it takes a while for the crew to return home safely, but with the great minds working on all of these issues, these three astronauts survived against all odds.
The Cast of Apollo 13 the Movie

Tom Hanks as commander Jim Lovell
We at Force Fed Sci-Fi argue that while Hanks had his best roles in the 1990's (Apollo 13 included), Hanks does a phenomenal job at any role he plays, honestly. In Apollo 13, he takes on the great and historic role of astronaut Jim Lovell during the Apollo 13 mission. Hanks, other than the film calling for a bit of dramatization of the historical events, embodied Lovell perfectly. In addition, John Travolta was originally offered this role. Luckily we did not get him as portraying Lovell and were happy to learn that the role went to Tom Hanks.
Kevin Bacon as command module pilot Jack Swigert
Another great actor included in the Apollo 13 film was Kevin Bacon who played the command module pilot of the Apollo 13 mission, Swigert. Again, a great performance by another great actor taking on this type of role. We'll get into it a bit later, but the way the filmmakers wrote Swigert into the film isn't entirely accurate. Like many other things, dramatization of the film is necessary for a Hollywood film.
Bill Paxton as lunar module pilot Fred Haise
While we miss Bill Paxton, we have to talk about how wonderful he was in this film as well. Fred Haise had the unfortunate mishap of developing a urinary tract infection while on the Apollo 13 mission. While it's not an actor's dream to act out being sick (especially after taking off in a rocket and throwing up), Paxton did a fine job as Fred Haise.
Gary Sinise as Ken Mattingly
Gary Sinise had to play the astronaut who was grounded for the Apollo 13 mission (Swigert taking Mattingly's place). The film portrays Ken Mattingly as being pivotal in the role of getting the crew of Apollo 13 mission back home. While we weren't sure that he was the sole person at NASA to come up with the re-entry sequence for the capsule, he was a part of that group. Interestingly,