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For The Craft

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You Talkin' to Mead?
July 09, 2019

Let's not prolong this, We talk about mead.

Hard Hitting Local News
May 27, 2019

This episode we drop some knowledge on the local …

Hard Hitting National News
May 13, 2019

Dan and Dave, two episodes in two weeks?! What th…

The Boys Are Back En Town... Kinda
May 06, 2019

Just when you thought Game of Thrones had a long …

S2 E6 Home 'Brewing' With T.V
January 24, 2018

Dan and Dave are back! Not smoking weed, just dri…

S2 E5 Au·tol·y·sis & Fo͞od ˈperiNG
July 01, 2017

Dan talks to birds, Dave talks red wines. Join …

S2 E4 Brown Nope :(
July 01, 2017

::PARENTAL ADVISORY:: Dan can't even, Dave expli…

S2 E3.5(bonus eps) Rauch N' Roll
July 01, 2017

On today's bonus Episode, Dan and Dave crack into…

S2 E3 Council Brewing Beatitudes
July 01, 2017

Dan’s life will never be the same and Dave agrees…

S2 E2 Lee Spirits- Juego Con Fuego
June 30, 2017

Dan keeps it down, Dave doesn’t. Join the guys…