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The Football Fans Podcast

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S3 Ep141: 'I told you'd we'd win the Champions League'
June 02, 2021

This week on the pod, I'm joined by the boys. Yep, we gave Gabriel his flowers; congratulations to Chelsea, Champions of Europe. Conte to Spurs, really? And has Carlo Ancelotti bottled it? England; thoughts on the final selection and their chances.Subs

S3 Ep140: 'The German fan model does have its flaws'
April 27, 2021

One story in town. European Super League. Marv and G are joined by Moh, Rafa and Neil to discuss what now. Have the fans lost a bit of love for their clubs? Is the German fan model all it's cracked up to be? Does Klopp have to take some of the blame for L

S3 Ep139: The late pod ... but the best pod!
April 18, 2021

This week on the pod we talk managers. After Ole schooled Jose, we look at both and discuss how long has Jose got at Spurs - and even football. We also look at Bielsa, Ancelotti and Rodgers.Don't forget the to subscribe and share.

S3 Ep138: 'I don't get why Sancho is a banker for the Euros'
March 29, 2021

On the pod this week, we look at England and the Euros. The boys (not Ollie) pick their England's squad's and there were some wild and just ridiculous choices. Is Southgate the only thing holding this team back from winning it, how far will they get and w

S3 Ep137: If you have a good hairline, you can get the Arsenal job
March 15, 2021

This week on the pod we discuss the north London derby as Arsenal take the bragging rights in their rivalry. Where are Arsenal and how far off are they off being a top 4 side next year? Is Tuchel doing the ground work to make them a force next year and wi

S3 Ep136: 'Form goes out the window in Derbies. A lazy myth'
February 22, 2021

This week on the pod, we're joined by our old pal, Spurs fan Joel to discuss recent comments by Black players about not taking the knee. We discuss Spurs' season and give our predictions for Manager of The Year. Jordan also has an interesting theory about

S3 Ep135: 'I'd even take (Phil) Jones or Mustafi at Liverpool. We just need a Centre Back, now'
January 27, 2021

Bye Felicia, I mean Frank. This week on the pod we react to the sacking of Chelsea Manager, Frank Lampard and G pays Jordan after losing their bet. Was it harsh or was it late? We're also joined by Writer and Broadcaster Raphael Honigstein to get his tho

S3 Ep134: 'We (Man Utd) will win the league'
January 19, 2021

This week on the pod I've got the band back together, as Tash, joins the boys to discuss Man City and who'll win the Premier League (guess who said Man Utd). We also discuss whether Football has been used as a football by the government after guidelines a

S3 Ep133: 'I did say .....' (Explicit Episode)
December 28, 2020

You. Don't. Wanna. Miss. This.  This week on the pod, we have some fun as it's Christmas. But it kicked off nicely between Ollie and Marv - good job G was on hand to split them up. We dissect all of our clubs and it got real. As usual Jordan, the host, w

S3 Ep132: If Jose wins with Spurs it will be his greatest achievement
December 17, 2020

With Spurs firmly in the hunt for the Premier League this season. Jord, G, Marv and Ollie look at how Jose Mourinho has managed to re-invent himself at spurs and whether or not this transformation will result in spurs finally bringing home some silverware