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April 27, 2023

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FOFOP 421 — Livestreaming A Haircut (with Sam Petersen)
April 20, 2023

Wil Anderson catches up with Confessions podcast host, Sam Peterson. The Melbourne producer, writer and director shares his take on Nandos, Tik Tok, and John Howard. #HowardtheCowardHear Sam Peterson's podcast, Confessions:

FOFOP 420 — Saucy Secrets (with Jana Hocking)
April 13, 2023

Dating columnist and broadcast maven Jana Hocking reveals the process behind her Saucy Secrets Instagram project. Also: find out how NOT to pick up by stalking someone in Kmart and why meeting the old-fashioned way might still be best. Follow Jana Hocking

FOFOP 419 — 800 Metre Football Field (with Michael Chamberlin)
April 03, 2023

Chambo returns and realises he only catches up with Charlie on podcasts. He also talks about the research that has gone into his new MICF show, Michael Chamberlin's Completely Incomplete History Of Australian Rules and whether or not being comedian is lik

FOFOP 418 — A Dog Walks Into A Bar (with Justin Hamilton)
March 27, 2023

Award-winning comedian, Justin Hamilton catches up with Wil to discuss the (literal) oldest joke in the book, why John Wick is the best superhero movie, and recommendations for the best new TV to stream. See Wil Anderson live:

FOFOP 417 - The Footy (with Broden Kelly)
March 20, 2023

Charlie is joined by Aunty Donna's Broden Kelly to talk about his new footy podcast, The Footy.Listen to The Footy wth Broden Kelly: for privacy information.

FOFOP 416 — The Video Store: Bad Movie Recommendations (with Guy Davis)
March 13, 2023

Charlie and Guy discuss the emotional scarring and embarrassment they carry from curating the right movie at the wrong time, featuring:Beverly Hills Cop 2 Burning

FOFOP 415 — Not In Love With Pamela Anderson (with Monty Dimond)
March 06, 2023

Charlie and Katie 'Monty' Dimond kick around the important stuff is it fair J.Lo has a six-pack and Ben Affleck has let himself go? Why do men and women split up into packs at parties? And what does Warwick Capper have to do with Charlie's sexual awaken

FOFOP 414 — "My Entire Career Is On The Line Every Night" (with Osher Günsberg)
February 27, 2023

Osher Gnsberg is back and he's brought a melodica. He chats with Charlie about the challenges of #dadlife and managing jealousy, why it's still worthwhile to be aware of political bubbles, and Osher shares his fears about creating an improvided satirical

FOFOP 413 — The Gospel According To Fascinator (with Johnny Mackay)
February 20, 2023

The music biz from satanic backward messages to joking about working with the people who worked on remixing The Beatles. Charlie digs into it from all sides with Children Collide frontman Johnny Mackay, who now also goes under the moniker, Lord Fascinat