Building a Remarkable Brand

Building a Remarkable Brand

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65 – 5-Minute Focus: What Makes You The "Only"?
November 21, 2016

In today’s me-too marketplace, you have to have a certain something that sets you apart from your competition. What do you that no one else does? What are doing differently? What makes you the “only”? In this episode,

64 – The Plant Trainers on the Importance of Practice, Consistency, and Patience
November 07, 2016

Adam and Shoshana Chaim are the co-hosts of The Plant Trainers Podcast, helping people improve their quality of life through nutrition and fitness. They are both plant-based nutrition consultants and personal trainers coaching people through their onli...

63 – 5-Minute Focus: What Customer Problem Are You Solving?
October 17, 2016

If you’re in business, whatever you do, you’re in the business of solving problems. On today’s episode of the 5-Minute Focus I talk about the importance of identifying what customer problem you are solving.

62 – Sebastien Hue on the Science and Art of Storytelling
October 10, 2016

Sebastien Hue is one of the founders of BS – a creative consultancy. BS employs science and art, the cornerstones of effective and beautiful communication, to create meaningful solutions for brands. They believe that through continuous education they c...

61 – 5-Minute Focus: The 3 Things Your Website Should Convey in About 5 Seconds
October 03, 2016

On today's episode of the 5-Minute Focus I talk about how important your website is in communicating a first impression to a potential client or customer.

60 – Tamia Stinson on Finding the Joy in Your Work
September 26, 2016

Tamia Stinson is a Wardrobe Stylist, Creative Director, Social Media Consultant, and the culprit behind the Creative City podcast and style site With over 5 years of experience in print and digital publishing,

59 – Kevin Hart on Building an Authentic Relationship with Every Client
September 19, 2016

Kevin Hart is the owner of Hart & Cru, a concierge-style consulting service focused on bringing artisanal wines to avid drinkers through special events, cellar offerings, tastings, and education. He cuts through the pretense of being a lover of good wi...

58 – Sandy Gross on Trusting Your Gut Instincts
September 12, 2016

Sandy Gross is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur. She is an amazing glass artist and started Brazee Street Studios – a 21,000-square-foot repurposed tool and die factory that’s now home to one of the Cincinnati area’s most vibrant creative communit...

57 – Valerie Jacobs on Innovating for the Future
September 07, 2016

Valerie Jacobs is the Chief Insight + Innovation Officer at LPK, a global brand design agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She founded the LPK Trends practice, specializing in future-forward research and development,

56 – Deborah Rosenberg on Building a Cruelty-Free Brand
August 29, 2016

Deborah Rosenberg is the owner of DiMare Design, an ultra-luxury, cruelty-free design firm in Miami. She focuses on humane interiors, she is passionate about animal rights, and educates her clients about cruelty-free, or vegan, design.