Latest Episodes

Episode 10.1 – Actually the last one
November 23, 2015

Hi, This will actually be the last episode. All the extras from Episode 10 are here, including the Urban Dictionary definition we talked about, the videos used to make our Blasphemy mix, and the intermission special, Potter Puppet Pals. First up – U

FMB 10: OMG Blasphemy!
November 18, 2015

Hi! It’s our last episode and we’re fulfilling a request. Blasphemy! Jessica and Jen realize they’re likely going to hell and make plans to meet up there, in short, a good time is had by all. Enjoy!

Episode 9.1
November 10, 2015

Hi, So instead of Episode 10 this week (because Jen was lazy and Jessica has Laryngitis) we’re just posting the extras from Episode 9 a little later. We’ll probably have another post later this week with some more extras for you too. Until the

FMB Episode 9 – British swears
November 04, 2015

It’s our penultimate episode and we start off by looking at the word piss and somehow transition into the world of British swears. Enjoy!

Episode 8.1 – Nerdy Extras
November 01, 2015

Hi! I hope everyone’s been enjoying a lazy Sunday, I know I have. We’ve got the extras from the podcast here for you. First up we’ll go with Star Trek. The Youtube video and the list of swears (I hope you have better luck pronouncing the

FMB 8: Nerdy Swears
October 28, 2015

Hello internets, This week, in honour of Halloween (and C4), we look at swears/curses in Science Fiction. You’ll get to hear Jen try some Klingon and Chinese while Jessica, as usual, tries to change the topic. You’ll also find out the most off

FMB 7.5: Extras
October 26, 2015

Hi, Only a few extras this week and they’re all the videos we played clips from in the show. First up: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (a classic, if you haven’t seen it stop whatever you’re doing and watch it now). And next is Secret Di

FMB Episode 7: Whore
October 21, 2015

This week we look at whore. As usual, Jessica tries to change the podcast (she doesn’t succeed), and the Bitches wonder why is swearing so gender biased? Men can be whores too people! Also, there are some mentions of Billie Piper, Monty Python, and,

FMB Episode 6.1: Extra Shit
October 21, 2015

So apparently I completely forgot to post this on the weekend. Sorry guys. First up we’ve got the snopes article for you guys, where the S.H.I.T. acronym is debunked. Find the whole thing here. We also talked about DNDUI, Crit Juice, and Grace Helb

Episode 6: Shit stories
October 14, 2015

Hi! This week the podcast goes to shit…no seriously, we talk about shit…the word. Also, there are a lot of sayings with the word shit in them. We look at some and pick favourites. As per usual, there’s a lot of giggling and swearing. Enj