Florida Matters

Florida Matters

Despite Long Lines Theme Parks Are A Big Attraction

November 26, 2019

From roller coasters to virtual rides Florida's theme parks have helped redefine family entertainment. With Disney experiencing its own struggles with long lines and rising ticket prices.  We wanted to learn about what is being done to deliver this once in a lifetime experience.

Guests include:

Gabrielle Russon, Tourism Reporter with the Orlando Sentinel.

Amanda Norcross, Senior editor of Trip Advisors Family site FamilyVacationCritic.com

They discuss how the theme parks are trying to help minimize the long lines by adjusting ticket prices to the demand of the park goer. 

Gabrielle Russon tells us about the programs Disney has implemented to increase workers satisfaction including pay increases, being one of the only theme parks in Florida to unionize its workers,  as well as tuition payments to staff members. 

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Amanda Norcross teaches us how to get the most of our money by planning theme park vacations around the ages of your children.