FlashCast By PDB, With Phil Di Bella

FlashCast By PDB, With Phil Di Bella

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Will Meditation Help You?
October 19, 2019

From buzz word to stress management tool, today Phil shares his thoughts and walks us through his experiences on meditation, how it has helped him and how he goes about it. - Listen carefully, take notes, and share your experiences and questions on ou...

Smart Investments 101
October 12, 2019

In today’s episode Phil shares his experiences, tips, rules and tools for investing money successfully, goes through his mistakes, and shares the tips and rules that have served him best. - Listen carefully, take notes,

Interview With A Special Boy, Arlee Di Bella.
October 05, 2019

In todays episode Phil invites his 9 year old son, Arlee Di Bella, to the FlashCast microphone, and together share a beautiful, heart-warming conversation. - Enjoy this end of school holidays, family oriented episode, and as always,

Purpose vs. Happiness
September 28, 2019

Do you chase happiness, or purpose? How do you define one or the other? In today’s episode Phil shares his perspective on this topic, pondering what is it happiness about, its close connection to purpose, and what does “a happy life” mean to him.

When Couples Work Together
September 21, 2019

Most small and medium businesses in Australia are husband and wife teams, so in today’s episode Gianna and Phil reflect back on how they worked together, what strategies they used to overcome the obstacles, challenges,

My Journey To Healthy
September 14, 2019

Click the link bellow to download the Weight Loss Journal  Download the PDB Health Journal Now Finally, the weight loss journal is here, listen as Phil shares how he tackled his personal journey through weight loss - As always,

New Goals After Exiting A Business
September 07, 2019

So You’ve achieved your biggest professional goals, you got to the end of that chapter of your life.  - Great! Now what? - In today’s episode, Phil shares his professional, personal and family goals and  vision that have guided him after selling his ...

What Are The Traits Of Inspirational Leaders?
September 01, 2019

Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned, mostly by experience. Leaders are made, not born. Today Phil Di Bella shares with us the common traits of great leaders with these nine points:  Integrity: great leaders do what they say they're g...

Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter, Here’s Why
August 25, 2019

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” — Marcus Aurelius - What to do to keep opinions at bay? In today ‘s episode Phil gives us his take on how to manage other people's opinions,

7 Obstacles To Your Success
August 18, 2019

Success is directly linked to emotional intelligence, and unsuccessful people usually have one or more behaviours that get in their way, so today Phil talks about such behaviours, and how they become obstacles to success.  What are they,