The Felon File

The Felon File

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Thanksgiving Holiday Crimes
November 18, 2023

Thanksgiving Holiday Crimes A look at a few crimes that occurred on the day of Giving Thanks. Robbery, Murders and Assaults. --- Send in a voice message:

The N.Y. Car Hook Murder
November 04, 2023

The N.Y. Car Hook Murderepisode 10-10In New York City, a murder overwhelms the citys attention and establishes fear, outrage, and discussion about the randomness of urban crime and its punishment. The Car-Hook Tragedy of 1871 was one of those murders

England’s Doctor Death
October 21, 2023

Englands Doctor DeathEpisodes 10-9.There's something especially frightening about a doctor who murders his patients. Someone who spends years learning how to heal and save lives. Then, he starts to kill the people he is supposed to help. It messes

The 1903 Concert Mass shooting
October 07, 2023

The 1903 Concert Mass shooting Episode 10-8August 13, 1903, Gilbert Twigg opened fire during a concert in Winfield, Kansas, killing nine andinjuring dozens. There was no motive, and no one had seen anything like it before or for decades after. Yet it&#

Was he a Murdering Methodist Minister?
September 23, 2023

Was he a Murdering Methodist Minister?Episodes 10-7On a cold winter morning, December 21, 1832, A farmer made a horrifying discovery on his father's Tiverton, Rhode Island Farm. Hanging by the neck from a cord lashed to a five-foot haystack post use

The Mad Bomber of Mayberry
September 09, 2023

The Mad Bomber of MayberryEpisode 10-6Mount Airy, the model for the mythical town of Mayberry, maybe a location where you would not expect to find a bombing attack and a Shade of Blue Story, But the small southern town has had not one but two separate b

The Devil made me do it.
August 26, 2023

The Devil made me do it.Episode 10-5. The 1887 Bank Robbery, Murder, fleeing to another country. Did he do it? He said he did. Why did he do it? Was it a deal with the devil, made 11 years previously? Or was it just insanity? Listen and decide for yourse

1886 Memphis Murder, or was it justified?
August 12, 2023

1886 Memphis Murder, or was it justified?Episode 10-4. In police work, unusual is usually the norm. Take the day in 1886 when a man ran into the Memphis, TN, Policestation, telling Police Captain Hackett. "I have just killed a man and want to give

MoonShine 101.
July 29, 2023

Moonshine 101.Episode 10-3.Moonshine earned its name because it was often produced in the moonlit shroud of night to avoid detection by law enforcement. Nearly everyone then made whiskey, brandy, and beer. Most were produced for personal use. However,

1871 Murder of the Silas Weston Family
July 15, 2023

1871 Murder of the Silas Weston Family Episode 10-3Murder or Lynching.? Who escaped and how? The entitled suspects were caught, but one escaped which caused a legacy of lies to grow with the assistance of a local writer for a New York City News Paper ye