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Fitness In No Time

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Episode 032: Pack It Up
December 09, 2020

Many people lose track of their fitness goals about this time and figure they’re going to stay off course until the New Year and start all over again. That’s the worst mindset to have. Instead, keep up the workouts so it’s easier to meet or maintain yo...

Episode 031: Stay Down and Work It Off
December 02, 2020

In case you’re still recovering from last week’s food coma, I’ve designed this week’s workout so you can still do it from the spot on the floor where you ended up. Subscribe to the show Rate this show ★★★★★Leave a comment by clicking hereFollow us o...

Episode 030: Grateful For Workouts
November 25, 2020

I’m grateful this year to be producing this podcast so that folks like you have a way to obtain your fitness goals.  If you're going to be feasting either by yourself or with a large group, then this workout will prep your appetite and burn a couple ca...

Episode 029: Jacks are Wild
November 18, 2020

This week’s episode was inspired by the World Championship of Poker, known to many as, the Main Event. Since there are four Jacks in a deck, there are four variations of jumping jacks for today’s workout. Simple, but effective.

Episode 028: Plyotechnics
November 11, 2020

This week, I’m igniting your muscles with some heart thumping plyotechnics, a.k.a. Plyometrics.  Subscribe to the show Rate this show ★★★★★Send comments to Follow us on Instagram for bonus content @fitness_in_no_time Donate to...

Episode 027: We Be Burnin’
November 04, 2020

After a weekend of indulging in some sweet treats, I thought we’d burn off those calories with some strength endurance training. Check out my Snickers Catapult by clicking here. Subscribe to the show Rate this show ★★★★★Send comments to Shamrocksfit...

Episode 026: Get Pump-kin
October 28, 2020

With Halloween coming up in just three days, some of you may need to get in a workout before filling up on some sweet treats. So I decided that this episode will be Halloween themed with the only equipment you’ll need; a pumpkin and a mat.

Episode 025: Take a Hike
October 21, 2020

It’s getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors. As I dream about the cool air that fall brings to us and how I miss the mountains of the North, I’m reminded of how living in Florida doesn’t keep my legs in shape for those steep climbs and desce...

Episode 024: You Spin Me Right Round
October 14, 2020

This week, I’m taking your muscles for a spin and focusing on the transverse plane, a.k.a. Rotation.  Subscribe to the show Send comments to Follow us on Instagram for bonus content @fitness_in_no_time Donate to help keep this...

Episode 023: One Way Or Another
October 07, 2020

There’s more than one way to move your muscles. If you’ve only been lifting in one direction, such as, forward and backward, then you got to listen to this episode.  Subscribe to the show Send comments to Shamrocksfit@gmail.