Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Simple Tips To Curb Excessive Drinking

June 29, 2020

It's not something anyone wants to hear, especially going into warmer months. However, cutting back on drinking is crucial to your health.

Up until 7 years ago, I was a huge drinker. Every night and very full glasses. I'm honest in this podcast about it being the most brutal habit I've ever had to break. But I'm also honest with these simple tips. We need to be aware of our habits, honest with ourselves and make a conscious effort to change.

So, learn a few tricks of the trade, in today's episode on the easiest ways to scale back your booze intake!

My goal for you this week is to make a plan. Really and truly if you have a plan you’re one step ahead of the game. I then want you to have an open mind, maybe try something new and know that all habit is change is hard. Get comfy with the uncomfortable.


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