Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Self Care 101 – Bubble Baths Are Not The Answer

June 26, 2020

The wellness trend is a hot one this year but unfortunately, many people have the vibe wrong. Self-care is about so much more than soaking in a hot bath, grabbing a pedicure, or drinks with the girls.

While all of the things above can be a part of wellness, the bigger picture is missing. We're setting moms up for failure by telling them that they "should be okay" if they schedule in that bubble bath and then question why they're not.In this episode I want you to learn how to truly THRIVE. Because that is what self-care is.

My wish for you this week is that I want you to take some time to find out what truly soothes you and how to work that into your days or weeks. This is what will make you THRIVE.


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