Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

5-Minute Fixes For Everyday Health

June 12, 2020

Use these quick, practical actions to improve your everyday health. These healthy tips tackle all five major areas of health and help keep being a fit and healthy mom practical during busy days.

It’s overwhelming trying to do it all and follow the rules. As moms, our time is limited, and we feel overwhelmed as to where to place it. So, screw the rules and instead find a better system for everyday health.

Learn the best way to improve your health and wellness in under five minutes. These quick fixes (courtesy of Amanda Quin From the Fit Chicks Chat Podcast) tackle all four major areas of health and require nothing more than five minutes each. It’s a busy mom win.

My goal for you this week is to simplify the crazy. To make it PRACTICAL to be a fit, healthy, moderately sane mom. To take a wee bit of weight off your shoulders


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