The Finding My Psych Podcast - Sober Vegan Living

The Finding My Psych Podcast - Sober Vegan Living

What I Noticed Going Alcohol and THC Free After 50 Days

February 19, 2022

“Allow time for up-regulation at the neurological level.”

Free from alcohol and THC for 90 days
Going Alcohol and THC Free…Again!

Making the commitment to eliminate alcohol and THC products from your life is one you will never regret. On the first day of January this year, I made the commitment to stop drinking alcohol for 90 Days in an effort to improve anxiety and sleep. About three weeks later, I took the additional step to stop consuming THC edibles. After nearly 50 days of sticking to my commitment journey, the effects have been nothing short of profound. I hope that my experience will inspire you to also take the leap of abstinence (temporary or permanent) as part of your journey of self-discovery and wellness. You will not regret it!

Episode Outline

Welcome to Episode 65: Alcohol and THC Free

  1. What We Do:
    • Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology
    • Providing easily accessible content designed to help you design your own transformative experience.

  2. Today:
    • Reflections on what has improved and what has not improved going alcohol and THC free.
    • Now fifty days off of alcohol and fourteen days off of THC

Alcohol and THC Free

  1. My Alcohol Abstinence History:
    • 30 Day
    • 60 Day

  2. Reasons For 90 Day Challenge:
    • When things around me feel out of control, I seek out what I can control.
      • We depend on the stability of those around us. When chaos becomes the new baseline, it is important steady your gate.

    • I have a serious problem with anxiety.
    • I have a serious problem with sleep.
    • My husband went on a 30 day challenge, and I wanted to support him.

  3. 45 Day Critical Juncture:
    • A sudden sense of clarity and calm happens some time after day 40.
    • Neurophysiology and the concept of up-regulation.
    • Commitment becomes easier.

  4. Changes Noticed:
    • I have a general sense of calm throughout the day.
    • I feel more hopeful about the future.
    • I have shifted away from the anxt caused by the, ‘work hard / play hard’ mentality.
    • Even in the most anxious situations, it feels less personal.
      • Less primed?

    • I feel more in control of my day knowing that others have less power to affect my day (anxiety).
    • I personalize less the anxt of others (I don’t have to fix the anxiety around me.)
    • I am much more focused on dialling in my health (running, probiotics, caffeine consumption, etc.).
    • The day feels more tangible – I notice more around me.
    • Less bloat and I think I have dropped some weight.
    • My sinuses have improved (related?)
    • My digestion has improved.

  5. Things Not Changed:
    • My sleep is all over the place.

  6. Tools:

  7. Live Stream This Weekend:
    • The Finding My Psych YouTube Channel
    • Going live to discuss goal setting for lifelong wellness.
    • Answer your questions and hearing what you are doing to improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.