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The Finding My Psych Podcast - Sober Vegan Living

I Got COVID-19: My Perspective as a Healthcare Administrator

February 05, 2022

“It’s not about you as an individual.”

Healing up after COVID-19
I Got COVID-19 and I am a Healthcare Administrator

In the middle of last week, I started feeling sick. By Thursday, I was wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of my computer, working from home. What I worried about, even feared a year ago, had come true – I had COVID-19.

In today’s episode, I describe the symptoms that emerged throughout the week and how the course of the viral infection has shifted. I also discuss several protective factors that have made my journey much more manageable compared to others.

Finally, I reflect on the pride I feel working in healthcare – The deep commitment and ownership I see every day in those providing care to our most vulnerable, causes me to pause with gratitude. I also express my deep disappointment at the anti-vaccination and mandate protests occurring at St. Pauls Hospital today.

Episode Outline

Welcome to Episode 64: I Got COVID-19

  1. What We Do:
    • Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology
    • Providing easily accessible content designed to help you design your own transformative experience.

  2. Today:
    • I share my experience with getting COVID-19 over the past week from the perspective of a healthcare administrator.

I Got COVID-19

  1. Symptoms:
    • In hindsight, I first noticed symptoms on Tuesday of this week.
    • Worked on Wednesday and didn’t notice anything significant until Wednesday night.
    • By Thursday, I felt horrible. Started driving to work and turned around.
    • Symptoms included running nose, burning sensation in my lungs, muscle aches, dizziness, and brain fog.

  2. Apple Watch Indicators:
    • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in the teens.
    • Resting Heart Rate (RHR) climbed into the high 60s – Normally around 45.
    • Respirations have continued to be normal.

  3. What Prepared Me For This Day:
    • 3x MRNA Vaccinations
    • Athletic
    • Vegan Diet
    • Historically a light drinker. Have been off alcohol for 35 days.

  4. Reflections About Working In Healthcare and COVID-19
    • Many individuals down with COVID-19.
      • With 5-Day Quarantine we have been worried that if everyone gets it at once, we wont be operational.
      • Luckily, not everyone getting sick at once.
      • Getting Omicron is nearly inevitable – This may be our way to herd immunity.

    • I work with the most amazing frontline staff and leadership team.
      • Everyone shows absolute dedication to their job even in the face of their own fear.
      • We will all come out of this as a stronger healthcare team and system.

    • People should follow the advice and mandates.

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