The Finding My Psych Health and Wellness Podcast

The Finding My Psych Health and Wellness Podcast

You Asked, We Answer - Your Health Psychology Q&A

November 06, 2021

“Our thoughts on the best questions you sent in.”

We answer your questions about health psychology.
Your Psychology Q&A

Over the past three years, we received dozens of questions from our listeners. In this special episode, we sifted through the most relevant and interesting queries and answer each from a place of thoughtfulness and authenticity. Hear our response to questions about career development, plant-based living, medication management for depression, and so much more.

Episode Outline

Welcome to Episode 57: Health Psychology Q&A

  1. What We Do:
    • Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology
    • Providing easily accessible content designed to help you design your own transformative experience.

  2. Today:
    • We read and answer ten (10) well curated questions from listeners of the Finding My Psych Podcast.

  3. Services Review:
    • Finding My Psych offers three core services focused on promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
      • Foundations: Wellness Planning Workshop
      • Walking For Vitality: Powering Up
      • Running For Fitness: 5k Build-Up

Your Health Psychology Q&A

  1. What kind of jobs can a person with a degree in Health Psychology Get?
  2. What impact does diet have on mood?
  3. Why don’t you have a video podcast?
  4. Why don’t you have more guests on FMP?
  5. If change is monumental, why try?
  6. I’m a runner but cannot lose weight – advice?
  7. I want to use principles from health and wellness psychology to ge off my antidepressants. What do you recommend my first step be?
  8. If veganism is not a cult, why do you spend so much time talking about it?
  9. MAF vs LSD – Which one is better?
  10. Vegan living is elitist, white, and spoken from a place of privilege. Why do you recommend it?